We are happy to introduce you to L'appartement. Only a few steps from Place de la Concorde. Delve into the captivating world of La Collection and explore the current collection concealed behind the enigmatic green door at 4 rue Saint Florentin.

Tell us about L'appartement

Florence: Me and Artur have harbored the concept of L'appartement for a few years now. We consider Paris and Antwerp as our two homes, each unique and complementary and with different identities.

Our vision was to offer our global clientele an authentic experience akin to what we provide in our flagship store in Antwerp – a space where art, design, music, and fashion seamlessly converge.

It is also an opportunity for clients to touch the garments and gain an understanding of our determination to quality fabrics.

Our international wholesale presence fills us with great pride, and we find Paris as the ultimate gathering place, the ideal location to introduce more people to the essence of La Collection.


What can we discover in L'appartement?

The long-term artist collaborations from our Antwerp store below, have either curated or created pieces tailored for this venue.

Additionally, you can explore our bold Elysian collection, which includes many of our foundational styles, along with limited edition pieces. We're eagerly anticipating your visit and can't wait to welcome you.

Pictures from the opening evening

Our artists

Aythamy Armas

The Barcelona-based artist Aythamy Armas is known for his unique techniques and artworks. He has worked and lived in Barcelona since 2003. His personal work is focused on drawing and painting with charcoal among many other techniques.

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Bicci de' Medici

Bicci de' Medici is a Belgian design company dedicated to sourcing vintage furniture and crafting high-quality, handmade furniture and accessories. It sublimates natural materials - from wood to natural stone, from loam to porcelain, even wool to linen - into thoughtful design.

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Atelier de Rijk

Atelier de Rijk is a laboratory. The experiment is paramount. Tessa de Rijk makes her own materials such as her own brushes and paint, she experiments with all materials in the structure, thickness, and natural pigment. She tells a story through her series of works and lets them result in small collections that look like a little family that has come together as one.

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Eleanor Herborchs

Eleanor Herbosch (1999) is a British-born, Belgian multidisciplinary artist who manipulates a variety of materials to create textural works of art. She is a graduate of London’s Central Saint Martins. In 2019, whilst still studying, she founded her practice in a small studio in the back of her garden in Antwerp, Belgium, where she still resides and works.

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Ileana Moro

Ileana Moro, a Costa Rican artist, expresses her artistic vision - self-taught through oil on linen, creating subtle, ghostly forms. Her work encompasses ethereal and enigmatic semblance, often abstract in nature, while intentionally avoiding the human figure. Instead, she delves into transient, mythical, and psychological subjects.

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Laura Pasquino

Laura Pasquino is an Amsterdam-based ceramic artist well known for her pure and dynamic creations. Born in Estonia with unique experiences and influences from her time in Japan and Portugal. Explore her practice, vision, and inspiration from natural textures and nuances.  

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Marlies Huybs

Belgian designer Marlies Huybs creates handmade objects, which are the result of an intuitive process. The imaginative journey is just as important as the destination. Her items grow steadily from her love for the matter and its colours. Every piece reflects the wayward beauty of her poetic visual language. Irregular textures and marks are part of her unique work and should be embraced.

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Nathalie Van der Massen

Nathalie's work is characterised by a sensitivity for (natural) materials,
surface and technicality. Her interest in intangible elements like light,
time and sound, often results in experimental and poetic designs, where
tacti lity is key. Her work also explores industrial and handcrafted production
methods, and the potential of textile as an autonomous, spatial and
acoustic element in (interior) architecture. She likes to see her work as an
ode to the Belgian/European heritage of textile craftsmanship.

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Peggy Kuipers

Dutch painter based in Amsterdam. With a background in photography and graphic design. Her artworks are characterized by her use of color, graphic arrangements, and concealed emotions. She works with acrylics. "Acrylic paint allows for a forgiving approach, alleviating my fear of making mistakes, which is quite liberating."

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