Discover our new interview format 'at home with' where we delve into the homes and lives of our friends of the house, exploring how La Collection intertwines with their daily lives. Let us introduce our first feature: Dr. Hannah Aerts, a Doctor in Aesthetics and Cosmetology in her practice in Belgium.

How did you become interested in specializing as an aesthetic doctor and when did you start your own practice?

Hannah: My initial interest sparked during my medical studies when I embarked on a year of internship. It quickly became evident that I possessed a talent for intricate surgery, leading me to pursue dermatology. This specialization ignited a deep passion for all aspects of skin. What fascinated me the most was the realization that our skin serves as a reflection of our internal well-being.  

As I delved into dermatology studies, my frustration grew with the realization that the field remained somewhat old-fashioned, predominantly centered around classic skin problems like acne without much innovation. Motivated by a desire to learn more, I embarked on extensive personal research. Recognizing that I needed to take the initiative to broaden my knowledge. Choosing a path of innovation over tradition, I focused on the realms of anti-aging and aesthetic dermatology. Emphasizing this priority, I launched my independent practice in 2020, driven by a sense of renewal. 


What was the inspiration behind the interior of your practice, tell us more about the art and story behind this location. 

Hannah: I aimed to create a space that defied the typical clinical, white environment, opting instead for one that radiates calm and comfort.

Upon entering, the clients should immediately feel at ease, especially as they overcome the initial hesitation of visiting for the first time. Our inspiration was drawn from Japan, renowned for experts in skin health. 

In the design, we prioritized the use of all-natural materials, such as wood and linen, guided by my intuition. The entire concept needed to harmonize seamlessly, and in the end, everything came together organically. Natural materials extended into the art, including the pieces by Eleanor Herbosch and Laura Pasquino, who use clay and earth. Japanese influences subtly permeate through artworks like those by Atelier de Rijk, using Japanese Ink. 

As well as the design for our floor tiles, this is from a Japanese designer. This floor translates our vision for honest design, a love for craftsmanship, calmness, and simplicity. The handwork and craftsmanship that went into this follow the same philosophy that I have for the practice.  

“Our interior inspiration was drawn from Japan, renowned for experts in skin health. ”


What is, in your opinion, the biggest misconception about visiting an aesthetical practice and how would you like to change it?  

Hannah: Every day, I aim to convey the same message: we work towards optimal aging, not anti-aging. The results should be subtle and undetectable. While you may notice a difference personally, it shouldn't be evident to others. If it becomes noticeable, it means the approach has failed.I have to reassure my patients and convince them that they won't end up looking like Donatella Versace. The key to a natural result is starting early and making small interventions at a younger age. Many people aim for rejuvenation, but 'prejuvenation' is more important – starting on time to slow down the aging process. 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time, aside from your professional pursuits?

Hannah: Despite still searching for the structure in my day and the routine that brings me peace, I make it a point to take the time and reflect each evening. This ritual is often accompanied by a glass of good wine shared with my fiancé. Simply talking through the day not only works to calm the mind but also sparks new ideas.

Which La Collection pieces support your life at work, and how do you transform it into a night-out look?

Hannah: What I love about La Collection is the ability to wear the same outfit seamlessly from work to dinner with just a few adjustments. The pieces are perfect for day-to-night wear—distinctive and versatile, ensuring you're dressed for every occasion. By adding some jewelry, makeup, and heels, each outfit can be instantly transformed. I often go for Cashmere pieces, alpaca knits, wool blazer dresses, avoiding delicate fabrics to prevent them from being covered by my white lab coat.

Pictures by Tijs Vervecken

Can you see any similarities between your way of working and your choice to create a capsule closet signed La Collection?  

Hannah: The quality-over-quantity approach resonates with both my job and the vision of La Collection. Embracing a minimalistic approach and building up slowly over time, it's about boosting confidence and empowering individuals. Personally, I experience this transformation when I wear a La Collection piece on a challenging day—it instantly makes me feel more polished and boosts my confidence. The goal we both share is to send everyone out with a positive feeling, I know this is something you also strive for in your stores.

From a professional, what is the best skincare tip you can give us?  

Hannah: One of the most valuable pieces of advice I can offer to all ages is the significance of sunscreen. Incorporate a reliable SPF into your daily skincare routine, ensuring you reapply every two hours and using an ample amount to shield your skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure.

What treatment would you recommend to anyone who is 30+ ?

Hannah: Consider investing in collagen stimulation; from the age of 25, collagen production begins to slow down. The goal is to maintain and boost collagen production. An ideal treatment for this is Profilo—an injection of pure hyaluronic acid. This yields a highly natural result without altering your appearance. Profhilo stimulates collagen production, providing beautiful hydration and achieving the coveted “Profhilo glow”.This treatment may not offer immediate results, but making an investment in it at a young age can save you a lot in the long run. Early investment in prejuvenation is key.

12 questions with Hannah

One song:  Lovely day – Bill Withers 

One scent: Oud Jaune Intense by Fragrance Du Bois 

 One muse: My grandmother, but also: Audrey Hepburn, skin-wise Kelly Rutherford.

One treatment: All, but if I have to choose one: Sculptra. Give me carte blanche on your face and I will do my magic.

One product: Daily Power Defense van ZO Skin Health, if you know how to use it.

One work of art: the work of Eleanor Herbosch I bought at her vernissage at La Collection, but also: the face of Jennifer Aniston (or Jennifer Lopez) is a true work of art of her injector.

One book: I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes.

One series: Californication/SATC.

One color: Cream.

One flower: Peony.

One restaurant: I love a lot of good restaurants, but the best plans have been made at the bar of Civilta del Bere in Antwerp. 

One city: Paris without a doubt.

A La Collection piece that I would never part with: It is very hard to choose one, but I would say my Dana coat.