For centuries, and generations before, garments have been taken care of and given the long well-lived life they deserve. 

Let our ateliers in wool and leather guide you on the topic of how to care for and keep your precious garments and accessories in pristine condition. 

How do I best store my leather shoes?

In a white cotton bag/dust bag, gently fill them with tissue (without any print) to not allow them to lose their shape. Store in dry places without moisture or direct sunlight. 

What can I do for the daily maintenance of leather goods?

Gently wipe a dry cotton cloth over the surface. If the leather has become wet, avoid heat, and let air dry at room temperature.  


How do I best store my leather belts? 

Cover them in a cotton cloth and let them hang vertically. Avoid humidity and direct sunlight. Avoid rolling up belts and let them hang freely. 

“Fold it if it’s knitted, hang it if it’s woven.”

How do I best store my wool and recycled wool garments? 

Fold it if it’s knitted, hang it if it’s woven. Knits are best to air on a flat surface and gently fold for storage. Avoid sunlight and keep to room temperature both when airing and storing. Tailored suits, jackets, and coats are best to both air and hang on a shaped or padded hanger.

How often do I clean them? 

Our La Collection garments are recommended to be dry cleaned. Sheep’s wool is breathable, odour resistant, stain resistant, and does not take up dust. The best way is to airdry your wool pieces at room temperature without any close contact with sunlight or heat.