The Elysian Collection celebrates a serene and self-assured essence, one attained when we are truly grounded in our identity. For creative director Florence Cools, this collection marks the pinnacle of maturity in its presentation. Uncover the origins that inspired the inaugural pieces.

Tell us about the Elysian Collection?

Florence: This collection holds a profound significance in my heart. It embodies the art of embracing our unique strengths, reveling in our distinct talents, and finding solace in the knowledge that these attributes are essential to the world. Nourishing our minds with our passions and evolving into our destined selves leads to a gratifying and euphoric state—an embodiment of coming home, which encapsulates the essence of the name "Elysian." This name resonates effortlessly, both for its melodious sound and its meaningful connotation. The collection is designed to elevate and nurture self-assuredness, offering a blend of timeless designs and daring juxtapositions, combining leather and clean lines with the harmonious art of layering. These are commanding looks tailored for individuals with inner strength. The designs embody a serene confidence, a flawless representation of bold femininity unbound by fear.



Elysian comes from the idyllic, greek mythological place called the Elysian Fields. A mind in a delightful state full of creativity and calmness.

"I decided to return the red color, after an inspiring visit to an auction of Antoni Tapies lithographies."


What was the main source of inspiration behind the first designs?

Florence: The Collection came to life during a season where I wholeheartedly embraced my passion for art and nature at entirely new depths. With patience, I allowed myself the time to explore my interests further, cultivating the confidence to evolve into the woman I believe I'm destined to be. This evolution is brilliantly echoed throughout the collection's facets. Along this path, I encountered new and inspiring artists, gaining fresh perspectives from the natural world surrounding me. The designs are intended to provide unwavering support, serving as steadfast companions that kindle inner confidence from sunrise to sunset. Vintage designers and Japanese artists have profoundly influenced this collection, weaving a common thread of layering styles that seamlessly adapt to varying temperatures and occasions, accompanying us through the days ahead.


Tell us more about the signature styles adding to the collection.

Florence: Two pieces that hold a special place in my heart are the MIA pinafore and the FIDELIA skirt. While I was exploring how to reimagine the iconic MIREILLE top by altering its length, I discovered the concept of the pinafore. This style made a resurgence during the Victorian era, focusing on expanding wardrobe options and introducing more versatility. I found this historical evolution fascinating, particularly given its alignment with the intent behind the MIREILLE top's design, which has become one of our most beloved creations within the core collection.

Drawing inspiration from the pinafore's utilitarian function and the concept of aprons, the Fidelia skirt also took shape. Further defining the collection's essence are off-shoulder designs, ankle-length silhouettes, gracefully draped scarves, elegant capes, and daring cuts. A personal favorite addition of mine is the introduction of our new leather boots with a refined, pointed toe.

Pinafore MIA


What additions can we prepare to see on the 'His & Hers' side?

Florence: The beloved Morris blazer makes a triumphant return in both classic black and a sophisticated grey hue. Among the new additions, several designs enhance the already impeccable La Collection wardrobe and core collection. Returning favorites include the luxurious Achilles coat crafted from cashmere and the eco-conscious Karin Coat made from recycled wool. Additionally, drawing inspiration from the 90s for our His & Hers collection, we've introduced the "Ezra" coat, evoking the spirit of Chandler Bing, in a rich and captivating chocolate brown shade.


Could you share more about the color palette and the fabrics?

Florence: The color palette resonates harmoniously, drawing deep inspiration from the natural world — ranging from deep charcoal and chocolate brown to muted ashy tones. My creative vision was ignited by the remarkable works of Calder and Brancusi. The infusion of red hues finds its origins in the artistic expressions of Antoni Tapies, as well as a captivating discovery within the pages of Cy Twombly's book.

The collection also embraces pinstriped designs, influenced significantly by the creative collaboration with Aythamy Armas. I am genuinely excited about revealing the intricate details and innovative structures of these pieces to you.

Emphasizing our commitment to ethical practices, our wool is sourced from mulesing-free origins and meticulously crafted in Italy. Moreover, our jersey cotton and cotton fabrics stem from Spain, both exclusively woven from 100% organic cotton.


Nature-inspired tones. With its sharp yet calming color palette and carefully chosen fabrics.