Discover the allure of minimalistic luxury this Christmas with our carefully curated collection of sophisticated garments. Elevate her style with timeless pieces that embody understated elegance and refined simplicity. From sleek silhouettes to subtle details, each item is a statement in itself, celebrating the beauty of less is more. Give the gift of effortless sophistication and let her unwrap the joy of a wardrobe that exudes both comfort and luxury.

1. Art books /Rothko
2. La Collection Madelyn Hat
3. Artwork Laura Pasquino
4. La Collection Mireille Top
5. La Collection Celine Dress
6. Candle Holder Stofnagel
7. La Collection Marge Boots
8. La Collection Dana Coat
9. La Collection Clementine Skirt
10. Artwork Marlies Huybs
11. Le Labo Fragrance
12. La Collection Deborah Knit
13. Furniture Bicci de' Medici


This Christmas, embrace the essence of minimalistic luxury with our thoughtfully crafted collection tailored for the modern man. Elevate his wardrobe with understated yet impeccably designed pieces that redefine sophistication. From clean lines to subtle textures, each garment embodies the perfect balance of simplicity and refinement. Gift him the joy of uncomplicated elegance and usher in the festive season with a touch of timeless style.

1. Lamps Bicci de' Medici
2. Stofnagel Candle Holder
3. La Collection Morris Blazer
4. La Collection Karin Coat
5. Artwork Atelier de Rijk
6. Artbook Picasso
7. La Collection Ronin Trousers
8. La Collection Charlie Belt
9. Vinyl Serge Gainsbourg
10. La Collection Achilles Coat
11. Chairs Bicci de' Medici
12. Artwork Aythamy Armas
13. La Collection Karin Coat


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