Bicci de' Medici

Bicci de' Medici is a Belgian design company dedicated to high-quality, handmade furniture and accessories. It sublimates natural materials - from wood to natural stone, from loam to porcelain, even wool to linen - into thoughtful design. We focus on functionality, aesthetics and sustainability. 

We stand for a well-considered universe with serene, distinguished and balanced objects. Furniture and accessories with a soul in which the instinct for craftsmanship shines through. Bicci de' Medici provides contemplative dedicated minimalism for projects and interiors with maximum effect and ultimate refinement. 

For clients in need for a more profound approach we’re also happy to guide them through their project from start to finish. When doing so Bicci de' Medici takes more than the measure of a project or interior. In its constant pursuit of noble simplicity, it guarantees custom-made solutions. We respect metier - the accumulated craftsmanship translates into limited production, but also into extraordinary customisation possibilities.

Bicci de' Medici has collaborated with La Collection during Fall Winter 2023 and spring summer 2024, for the Elysian and Espousal Collection.

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