Ileana Moro

Ileana Moro (born in 1992) is a Cuban-Costa Rican visual artist based in Antwerp, whose artistic expression is self-taught and predominantly conveyed through oil on linen and various other mediums. Her oeuvre embodies an ethereal and enigmatic quality, often exploring abstract themes while deliberately sidestepping depictions of the human form. Instead, she delves into transient, mystical, absurd, and intellectual subjects.

Renowned for her exploration of dark tones, Moro's work seeks to unveil the depths and layers of human existence and its innate connection to the unseen realm. Infused with a potent sense of nostalgia, she contends that human beings evolve through emotional expression, self-discovery, and the unfolding of the soul, both individually and collectively.

Moro endeavors to evoke unforeseen and fleeting effects of profound beauty and mystery, metaphorically transmuting base materials into introspective reflections. Her pieces grapple with the notions of embodiment and disembodiment, hinting at the genesis of matter and its inherent melancholy.

Viewing shadows as potent instructors and ominous omens, Moro's art reflects a profound engagement with the interplay of light and darkness, substance, and the intangible.

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