Wool Care

One of the most beautiful characteristics and qualities of wool is that it is a very self-caring material. This means fewer washes throughout the garment lifecycle and a considerably lower impact on the environment.

How to store

Wool possesses inherent antibacterial properties. When not in use, it's advisable to let your woolen items air out. If they're knitted, gently fold them; if woven, hang them. If dealing with knits, it's preferable to lay them on a flat surface for airing and then fold them neatly for storage. To maintain the quality of wool, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and ensure storage at room temperature during both airing and storage. Since wool is composed of protein fibers, it can attract moths, which may harm the fabric. To prevent this, tailored suits, jackets, and coats should be aired and hung on specially shaped or padded hangers. When storing wool garments, it's vital to keep them clean and dry. For optimal protection, store them alongside cedar wood or a mixture of dried, crushed, and powdered herbs like lavender, bay leaves, cloves, rosemary, and thyme. To facilitate extended storage, allow the garments to breathe or encase them in a dustbag. During summer, heavier coats can be placed in a breathable garment bag until the colder months arrive and you're ready to use them once more.

How to care

Wool is crafted from yarn composed of various lengths of strands. To delicately address wool and eliminate dust or dirt, employing a clothing brush or comb is suitable. However, it's advised not to utilize any type of dust roller on our woolen items, including blazers and virgin wools, as this approach can exacerbate the situation.

How to wash

Airing out your wool garments by letting them hang outside overnight, preferably in humid conditions is a good way to "clean" the wool. If a stale smell does not disappear after the garment has spent a night hanging outside, then the time is right for washing. Our La Collection garments are recommended to be dry cleaned. Sheep’s wool is breathable, odour resistant, stain resistant, and does not take up dust. The best way is to air-dry your wool pieces at room temperature without any close contact with sunlight or heat to not dry the natural fibers. Only store your wool garments in your closet when it is completely dry.