Silk Care

Silk is one of the strongest natural fibers. It is lightweight, soft, and elegant. With its natural components and characteristics, it is a beautiful fabric to wear and care for.

How to store

Silk dresses and garments should be hanging on padded hangers. To keep the shape, make sure that also heavier silk garments as our signature long blazers keep the right form while hanging. For silk trousers, attach them from the bottom hem onto a clip hanger. Keep the silk clothing clean together with combined dried, crushed, and powdered herbs (lavender, bay leaves, cloves, rosemary, thyme) to not attract moths.

How to care

It is always a great habit to air your silk garments after each use. Silk is natural, and consists of animal protein, which makes it resistant to dirt and dust, but rather delicate to strong chemicals and detergents. A 100% silk garment rarely needs to be washed more than a couple of times per year if aired after use and stains are cared for immediately. The best way to care for silk is through steaming, it gives the textile fibers nourishment. Steaming also removes odors and kills eventual bacteria.

How to wash

We recommend dry-cleaning our silk garments. If needed to dry, always hang silk in the shadow.